Selfportrait in Pink

Oilpastels on Paper , A0 Size, 2019

Markus Tozzers expressive lines, shapes and loud hand gestures communicate his mental state, the raw need to express. The influence of growing up in his mothers apartment around african artifacts, souvenirs, paintings and ritual masks still shines through his painting style. Later on he closely identified with European expressionism moving more and more into the abstract, creating his own expressive language consisting of fast drawn lines and forms which intuitively are puzzled, formed into compositions. His abstract painting process is comparable to jazz like music improvisations. Fast, expressive and loud. Once finished they remain as signs of life. Important for him is that the outcome of every painting is unclear till the end. Only a certain feeling or mood starts and guides the process. „I always want to go further and push my comfort zone to not get bored by repeating myself, without surprising yourself you stop evolving.“ “Overall”, he says “they are simply means to survive the human experience, inner screams transferred onto the canvas.“ He currently lives and works in Vienna, Austria and wrote this whole text all by himself.


Groupshow - THE POINT, Burggasse 21, June 2019, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - NO OFFENSE BUT, Improper Walls, May 2019, Vienna, Austria

Art Fair - PARALLEL VIENNA, Bright Minds Dark Thoughts, September 2018, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - Bright Minds Dark Thoughts, Spitzer, September 2018, Vienna, Austria

Grouphshow - Spot The Dot Rebel Against Skin cancer, Improper Walls, June 2018, Vienna Austria

Groupshow - Online SHOP Launch, Improper Walls, September 2017, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - Personality Disorder, Improper Walls, May 2016, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - Unwasted. Zero Food Waste Gallery, Improper Walls, November 2016, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - Freewheelin’: Radkult x Improper Walls x FixDich, Improper Walls, October 2016, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - International Art Show: {im}proper Illustration, VDA Telšių Galerija, July 2016, Telšiai, Lithuania

Groupshow - NOMADIC, Junge Kunst-Gruppenaustellung, OHO, May 2016, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - THERE ARE NO KANGAROOS IN AUSTRIA, Casa Nueve, July 2015, Puebla, Mexico.

Art Auction - „AIUTIAMO"  Benefiz-Festival für Erdbebenopfer, KUGA, Oktober 2012, Burgenland, Austria

Solo Exhibition - „Versteht eh keiner“ Hrvatski Centar, Mai 2012, Vienna, Austria

Groupshow - „Art4Africa“ Hrvatski Centar, Mai 2007, Vienna, Austria

2011 – 2013 Fine Arts, Painting Class Johanna Kandl - University of Applied Arts Vienna

2003 – 2008 Print and Mediatechnology - Höhere Graphische Bundes-Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt

Quotes from 2010 - 2013

“To get where i am today art-wise, i had to push, push like in a birth, every painting resembles those pushes and is therefore also a child of mine, a wild child, that only really lives by being released into to the outside world.”

„I want my paintings to be loud and sometimes heavy, i want them to be so full of certain colours and forms that they virtually come out of the canvas so that the painting on the wall can not be ignored. „

“Ich bin Künstler aus tiefer Not heraus, nicht weil ich mich dafür entschieden habe.”

“Etwas neues zu kreieren ist die höchste Form von Arbeit.”

„Ich male weil ich muss, weil es in mir steckt. Obwohl ich mich auch, je nach Phase, mit allen möglichen Kunstformen  auseinander setze, ist die Farbe bzw. der Pinsel immer das erste zu dem ich instinktiv greife wenn mich etwas beschäftigt.“

Foto Credits: Marc Jarabe